ATOMIC® Energy Drink is produced under strict quality controls. and distinguishes itself from other brands of energy drink, in its superior taste and its high standards of quality, which allows us to compete with the leading brands.


It is contained in many food products such as coffee, tea or chocolate. One can of ATOMIC® Energy Drink 250ml contains 75mg of caffeine. This is approximately the equivalent of two and a half strong cups of coffee. By comparison Cola contains about 35mg of caffeine per 330ml.


One can of ATOMIC® Energy Drink contains 925 mg taurine. Taurine is naturally present in the human body, mainly in the muscles, the brain, the heart and the blood. Unlike the familiar amino acids, taurine or L-­‐taurine, to be more specific, is not used as a building block in proteins. It is called an "essential" amino acid because the human body, although it desperately needs it, cannot synthesize it; we must extract it from the foods we eat. As taurine is not used for proteins, biochemists classify it as a conditionally essential amino acid.


One can of ATOMIC® Energy Drink contains 240 mg of glucuronolactone. This substance is a carbohydrate, a kind of sugar. Glucose produces it naturally in our body and can be found also in food products, such as grains or red wine.

Nutrition Value per 100ml. Energy 211k j (46.6kcal). Protein 0,5 g, Carbohydrates 10,5 g. Fat 0,01 g. Taurin 4 g/l. Caffeine 0,3 g/l, Vitamin B 3 7,2 mg (min.40% RDA). Vitamin B 5 2 mg (min.33% RDA), Vitamin B 6 0,8 mg (min.40% RDA). Vitamin B12 0,4 μg (min.40% RDA), (RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance)


The ATOMIC Dutch Flyboard Team in Bonaire. These guys are good !...

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