ATOMIC® was then launched in other European countries, UK, Holland, Italy……ect. Subsequently a unique brand was created in Spain as Real Power, special for Real Madrid football club.

The can design of ATOMIC® projects a young, modern and trendy image. We have added a frosted varnish that covers the entire can. It is ideal, as it always gives the impression of coolness and it prevents other products from being reflected in the can`s aluminium surfaces.

Our motto for our pricing strategy is: "Chic et pas Cher"Meaning:"Classy but not expensive". We may not offer the cheapest caffeine and taurine based beverage in the market, but we do offer a lower price than the market leader.

ATOMIC® Drinks offers not only a good alternative, but also a competitive price strategy, attractive packaging and marketing support.


The ATOMIC Dutch Flyboard Team in Bonaire. These guys are good !...

13/04/2014 - 1:40pm